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Hulk Hogan pump up video gettin' everyone jacked for the USA/Germany World Cup match!

by Jon Henseler

Honest question if you're the German soccer team do you even show up after watching that? Hulk Hogan making the William Wallace speech from Braveheart look like book club discussion. All that was missing was him riding a horse back and forth while he delivered it. Probably might have put Hulkster over budget though. Maybe the Mouth of the South Jimmy Hart could have been a stand in? Jimmy! Horsey! Something to think about for the knockout round pump up videos*.

Either way I don't see any way the Germans will have the confidence to take the pitch and get a victory after that. Hell if Hulk would have been around in 1939 and delivered that speech he might have crushed the German war machine before it even started and we could have all avoided that messy 3rd Reich thing. Official prediction before this video; USA: 3 Germany: 2. Official prediction after this video: USA: Infinity times infinity Germany: -3.

*That moment when you're writing a blog and an image of Hulk Hogan riding around Jimmy Hart like a pony pops into your head. We are deep in the weeds friends.

PS: I absolutely need a personalized pump up video from Hulk Hogan to watch on a daily basis before I begin my blogging day. Sadly I think Hulk is slightly out of my price range at the moment. But the lifestyle the Hulkster leads and the likelihood that he won't be cashing a ton of wrestling paychecks at this stage of his career means that I may not be too far off. Just have to wait for his economic needs to meet my discretionary income. My guess is I'm probably a Strange Brew viral video and a Hulk Hogan second divorce away from making this a reality.

Double PS: Love this letter that U.S. coach Jurgen Klinsmann is supplying to help you get out of your job today so you can be patriotic and the U.S./Germany match at 11am. Again, I'm not a huge soccer fan, but I am a fan of blowing off work and drinking dark beer in the middle of a work day. And there's nothing more American than that.