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Dude Housing Popcorn at the WSU/Stanford game won the weekend.

by Jon Henseler

I defy you not to laugh at the still image of this video before you click play. Can't be done. I mean this is a grade A example of why the internet age is the best age. You've got about a billion football games on all weekend long and because of Youtube and highlight shows and Al Gore we all ge tto enjoy Popcorn Guy going Costanza Ice Cream Sundae-mode on a bag of popcorn while sitting in a hurricane and his team down 2343243-7 to the #5 team in the country. AND he's rocking a primo Magnum PI 'stache. Thank God we live in this time. Don't ever change Popcorn Guy, don't ever change.

PS: This absolutely gets him (more) tail at WSU's campus now right? Here this bro is just minding his own business with his popcorn and he unwittingly charted his sexual destiny on campus for years to come. Props.

Double PS: Don't worry WSU. If we can believe my NCAA 2010 franchise with you then you should be starting a string of 7 straight national titles in 2015. Let's go Cougars!