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Brits losing family friends in an unusual heat wave

by Jack Taylor

Our cars become ovens in the summer.  The United Kingdom is going through a rare heat wave and unfortunately the island's dog owners continue leaving their friends in cars resulting in tragic deaths.

The greenhouse effect can raise a car's temperature to unlivable standards in minutes.  Even if you crack a window or leave a bowl of water for them, dogs can die from heatstroke and that's not a comfortable way to pass.

I can't pick on the Brits alone because dogs are dying in cars this summer in the United States too.  It's an avoidable tragedy and owners can face charges for their negligence.

Dogs, of course, wear a fur coat year round and while it can help with cooling a little a dogs best mechanism for cooling lie in their feet.  According to veterinarians, dogs sweat through their foot pads.
They release heat by panting, a clear sign your dog needs relief.

And while Britain's heat wave is not the norm even a cloudy day can claim a dog's life if left in a car.
Never, ever leave a dog in a car.  And if your dog is tied up outdoors make sure it's in shade with plenty of water in a bowl they can't tip over or on a leash that can shorten around a tree or post.