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Frozen…As a Horror Flick

by Nick Vitrano

As the father of a young daughter, Frozen has become religion in our home. It's pretty much a certainty that we will watch a couple of scenes or at the very least dance to the CD on the daily. Saturday movie night has morphed into Frozen night. It's cool - I'm not complaining. I like Frozen a lot, but it had been a while since I had watched a Disney movie. I forgot how dark Disney movies are.

When judged on the whole, Disney flicks are light and witty with a positive message, but they've all got very dark scenes and they're almost universally based on sinister plotlines. We don't have to fast-forward too much through Frozen, but we definitely skip a couple of scenes. My daughter is still confused as to what happens to the King and Queen after the 'boat ride."

So...what would Frozen look like as a rated R?