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I hate car shopping

by Nikki Montgomery

I absolutely hate car shopping. If I never had to buy another vehicle I would be a happy camper, but we all know that isn't realistic. 

Since finding out we're having twins we're forced to buy a bigger vehicle. We can't fit 3 car seats in the back seat of our Rogue so we are on the hunt for a larger SUV. My husband will be the primary driver and he is not open to driving a minivan so our choices are 7 or 8 passenger SUVs. We've driven through a couple of car lots and took quick peeks at used Chevy Traverses and GMC Acadias and we like them both. We haven't driven either. They look like they have the same amount of room inside and they get the same gas mileage.

This morning I asked on the show which people prefer and it was split down the middle pretty much, but the people with the Acadias brought up some good points about the Traverses. They said that there are a lot of blind spots in the Traverse and the rear window is smaller. 

There were plenty of people who said forget the search for an SUV get a minivan and he'll grow to love it. I don't think my hubby works that way, but maybe I can convince him to test drive some.

The main thing is we need a vehicle to be able to tow a trailer. We do a lot of woodworking so we are always buying wood big sheets of plywood and stuff plus we need to transport the furniture we build since we never seem to be working on anything for ourselves. 

What are some tips we should know about buying a used vehicle? 

Are there any other 7 or 8 passenger SUVs we should consider?