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What is FOMO? Why this may lead to failure for our kids

by David Kuharski

Let's hop into the time machine for a moment and think about the skills you were taught by your parents when you were growing up?

1. We don't hate... we may dislike, but we never hate

2. Tell the truth

3. Treat others as you want to be treated

4. Don't use that fork you don't know where it's been! (ok... maybe this one isn't a life-long skill)

But, in all seriousness, looking someone in the eye is something you were taught, wasn't it?  Even for the socially awkward, eye-to-eye contact is important!  Especially as we navigate from the nest into our own lives and careers.  For some of us eye-to-eye contact goes hand in hand with a firm handshake. 

So--warm up the fluxcapacitor and zip back to 2013.  How often have you noticed this at your dinner table?  Conversations with people--who are gazing at their smartphones?  Maybe it's in the department head meeting-- the IT guy staring at his phone and mumbling his update. 

You're not alone.  Check out this article...