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Not Your Parent's Birthday Cake

by David Kuharski

When I was a kid I can remember my parents making me a cake on my birthday--or, if we had the money--getting a fancy store bought cake.  Either way it was usually a 9X13 sheet cake--maybe with some writing--or maybe some toy figurines.  Well, then I married my wonderful wifey, who decided a while back that she would make a specialty cake for our kids on their birthdays.  Here's how the timetable works--usually (for Joe's birthday we were moving and the kitchen was more a storage shed with boxes--than a baker's paradise--so a family friend pinch hit for Julie and made a Curious George cake).  A couple of weeks before their big day Julie asks the kiddo what kind of cake they want.  Then she researches the character and makes a plan.  It's fun for Julie and the kids' faces light up when they see the final product!  I had awesome birthdays growing up--but this takes it to a new level...