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An Old Trick Works Again

by David Kuharski

When I was in 5th or 6th grade, I can't remember the exact year--but in that range--my first nephew Michael was born.  My folks, like all good grandparents, helped my sister while she was in class or work watch Michael.  And one of the tricks they bought to help entertain Michael was a VHS (woah, wait a sec, V-H- what?  yup, a video tape--that you play on a VCR, ERG... Video Cassette Recorder... Yup, that giant box on top of your Dad's Sony Trinitron when you were a kid).  So, as an 11 year-old, there were many times when I was subjected (wrong word)... forced (again, bad choice)... there were many times when I watched this video! (with a pasty fake smile!-- OH BOY!) 

Well, my nephews outgrew this video and I thought it had fallen into some time capsule-like box, never to be seen again in my parents' basement.  It turns out that they sold more than one of these videos.  How do I know?  My wonderful wifey's Mom, in all seriousness--no kidding--she's a great woman who, along with my wife, is passionate about day care and early education, bought this VERY SAME video at some point.

The key here is, she uses it too-- with about the same results as I saw with my nephews way back when!  Yup, it works on my kids too!  They can watch it over and over and over and over and over... (no, I'm not going insane... Nope)  And that means--I have to watch it again.  But my solace is that the kiddos love it!  And that makes me happy.