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Make Snow Days Family Days

by Mark Evans

Over the past three days, we have received about 27" of snow.  Schools have been closed, Day Care centers shut down and people staying home to take care of their kids.

As a parent who has to stay home - you can either grumble and complain; or you can make it in to some of the funnest memories you'll ever have with your kids.

Build a Snowman - make a Snow Fort - make Snow Angels....

I taught my daughter my Chicken Pot Pie Soup recipe on a snow day when she was in 5th grade; and she called the other day to inform me that she just made a batch of it for her and her roommate.

I taught my son how to serve a killer shot in table tennis on a snow day.  To this day, none of his friends have been able to beat him at the ping pong table.

Take the time to make it fun.....the snow blower can wait until the snow is done.