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My Almost 2 Escape Artist....HELP!!!

by Corey Carter

This is Cole:

He's almost 2 and enjoys:

  • Climbing on EVERYTHING
  • Not listening
  • Playing with keys (??)
  • Unbuckling his car seat belt (see below)

On our last road trip in the 4 1/2 hours he undid his chest strap a minimum of 20 times.  My wife had to keep turning around from the front seat and either re-snap it herself or raise her voice enough to get him to do it.  

We REALLY don't want to buy a new car seat (this is a really good one) and we feel like there is a way to get him to stop doing this, we just haven't figured it out yet.
Obviously, we don't want to make it even harder to get out, in case of an emergency we wouldn't want to struggle to open it and get him out.
Anybody have any suggestions??