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Things You Don't Want to Overhear When: You're at the Summit League Tournament.

by Ryder

Sioux Falls is will be drenched in "Third Month of the Year Insanity" this weekend. During the Summit League Tournament thousands will flock to the Arena, and but a few key phrases that could have you dashing for the exits, here they are...

Things You Don't Want to Overhear When: At the Summit League Tournament:

  1. Attention Basketball Fans: Because of poor travel conditions, the Fort Wayne Mastodons will be replaced by sludge metal band, Mastodon. Rock On. 
  2. What do you mean the Arena is only serving SALAD this weekend? Run you hotdog lovers, run!
  3. Grandma! Put your pants back on... (clearly something you don't want to overhear, no matter the occasion) 
  4. Hey, since it's above freezing ... let move this thing outside!
  5. Is Coach Nagy calling a time out to touch up his buzz cut?!! Seriously, that's military grade hair.
  6. Welp, that means another free throw for I U P U E I E I Oh. That would be some bad announcing.
  7. Wow. Look at all those North Dakota State Fans. We only say this because there are not Iowa or Wisconsin teams in our league to poke fun at...