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YOUR PET Stop---Talks Pets-Natural Balance Foods, Recovery, How to Handle Bow-ser and Fe-Fe

by Bill Zortman

YOUR PET STOP has become a popular It's YOUR Business Show.

If you look at the calendar -- you might notice that this is the 2nd Tuesday of July ---usually the target for Tim Ness and Bookkeeping.

With the July 4th Weekend ---and a Class Reunion --- Tim needed a few extra days -- so we worked a trade with Mr. Ness and YOUR PET STOP.

Among the fodder in the show...Stacy will talk:

  • Many dogs suffer from allergies and a large part of it is food related. Corn, wheat, and soy usually cause the reaction. A grain free diet can usually help to solve most issues that your dog suffers from because grain free foods use veggies and fruits for their carbs which is a much better option then grains which are a cheap source of carbs and have no nutritional value
  • If you are considering changing or switching your dogs diet most important thing to remember is patient. It will take 8 to 12 weeks before you will be able to notice an improvement. what you don't want to do is change your dogs diet every couple of days or weeks.
  • This will only make it harder for you to know what is causing your dogs allergy symptoms.. The initial diet change can cause a little stomach upset so it is something to keep an eye on but usually not going to be a problem.

You'll hear about Stacy's 5 favorite things...and she'll take your questions.

It is considered responsible to listen to YOUR PET STOP---all a part of It's YOUR Business.

Phone number 221-2738 website---www.yourpetstopinc.com.