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Transportation Trials Rail and Air, Canadian Pacific, Grain Heat, Hot Weather-Cattle, Blizzard-Cattle, Rock Report

by Bill Zortman

South Dakota Secretary of Agriculture Lucas Lentsch joined Your Agri Business Show. The topic was to be his trip to Washington Friday to talk rail car shortages.

As it turned out The Secretary couldn't leave --because of an airplane flight cancellation -- sort of a shortage he faced to hear the proceedings.

So Secretary Lentsch joined the teleconference and outlined for our audience the challenges with being viewed food as farthest away from anything with the oil in North Dakota and the grains in South Dakota. In addition the crash of the Malaysian flight near the Ukraine-Russian border could have an impact on grain trading. Both Ukraine and Russia are big players in the grain market.

The Starks --- Roger and Travis from Howalt McDowell have talked in recent days with those communicating with BNSF and Canadian Pacific. Roger explained that Canadian Pacific is 117 days behind on grain removal. Check Howalt McDowell website for upcoming classes and what is just enough coverage on your properties.

Roger DeRouchey--Plains Commerce Bank in Mitchell has been researching the dangers of hot weather and grain that may have been put in storage bins that weren't 100% right. He said the consumers wouldn't be affected because that kind of spoiled grain wouldn't get into the market place. Dakota Days is coming in August in Mitchell --- we'll have more in future weeks.

Rock Nelson and Michelle Robbins explained another chapter of South Dakota's take in working with countries around the world. Service-only agricultural products are being tested at lab setting in Brookings...100-150 employees there. The number depends on time of year. Peak season is during the late fall and winter so SDSU students plan an important role in the workforce.

Crop consultants, seed companies, feed ingredient providers, feed processors, food companies, trait technology provides, and farmers exporters are services used thru the work in Brookings. In 2007 SGS acquired the Brookings location as part of the Agricultural Services businesses.

Warren Rusche--SDSU Extension Cow/Calf Field Specialists has a story posed on SDSU I-grow site---talking about precautions that can be taken in the hot weather this week. The combination of high temperatures plus high humidity is particularly dangerous when there is little night time cooling. Concerns are water access---the need for sprinklers and adequate shade, and providing a layers of light colored bedding that will help the soil surface temperatures in bedded.

Silvia Christin--Executive Director of the South Dakota Stockgrowers Association gave an update on families reached with the blizzard now less than a year ago. 600 families were supported --- and 5.3 million came in from generous donors in South Dakota and around the country. As Silvia said -- the jury is still out on theherd conditions for a long period oftime.

Scott Varilek--Kooima Kaemingk updated on poultry, cattle and hogs on the commodity side. One concern as the show discussed --- the first stretch of summer heat.

Craig Markhardt Advana Mortgage, Todd Neuberger -- EdwardJones provided daily quotes and readings on market forces.

Coming soon to the Ag Hour--"The Farmer's Daughter" and a chance to be a part of a big giveaway eventwith the January Farm Show.