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Tom Johnson Shares Minimum Wage Turkey Talk, Dr. LeeBurton --Orthopedics/Sports, Adam Scott-Addiction Update, Veteran Jobs

by Bill Zortman

  It's YOUR Business closes the week at 10:00 with a scenario you need to consider when you listen to the Minimum Wage arguments. Tom Johnson, Johnson Christenson Law Office looks at how the disabled were financially abused in a turkey of a workplace. Theft of the disabled incomes -- make you think a little bit about those affected not far from here.

  Dr. Tim LeeBurton -- Orthopedic Specialties joins us for a brief discussion on staying healthy but enjoying the activity of your choice. Tough duty -- but Dr. Tim was on the road in Arizona last weekend and helped a gentleman having problems finish his round of golf in Scottsdale.

  Adam Scott--Golf Addiction --- 57th and Marian is the early leader of our weekly Yahoo Fantasy Golf Competition. Why aren't you a part of this?

  Adam talks about golf indoors with upcoming tournaments on 50 golf simulators.

  Russ Hovendick---Directional Motivation and Client Staffing Solutions -- adds a Veteran Spokesman to talk about the importance of helping our military find the proper employment. I think you'll be touched by our discussion around 10:42.

  Craig Markhardt--Senior Loan Officer at Advana Mortgage has the loan snapshot of the day, Todd Neuberger -- Edward Jones the Main Street to Wall Street report, and John gets us ready for Fish Friday at Valentino's.

  We'll also prep you for Monday's show which includes an interview we did with Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack. It will run Monday at 10:08.