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Tall Grass, Face It Together, Relapses, Mentoring, How to Get Help

by Bill Zortman

2nd and 4th Tuesday each month---It's YOUR Business works with Tall Grass Recovery and hears from Face it Together on an issue that affects an estimated 1 in 8 or 9 people in the listening area.

Addiction!!! With ADDICTION it many times takes an understanding that you have to change -- you have to get your family involved --- or perhaps wind up leaving next of kin.

Our show is straight talk. Joan Swenson -- Tall Grass and Julie Schoolmeester Face it Together Sioux Falls traditionally lead the discussion. They, themselves are recovering and mentor and lead others.

In the Tuesday show --- Kylee who turned to alcohol then heroin is a mentor today. However she --- like many suffered a relapse. Hear her story with the show or the podcast that will be posted on line within 24 hours of the live show.

Steve is back with us on the show. He lost a friend and a family member to addiction -- and any chance he gets --he works to help others.

It's radio "Group Therapy" at it's best.

Joan and Julie explain the help that is available. If you don't do it for you --- do it for your family!!

We talk about upcoming events ---Tall Grass -- Art Show --- and Face It's Walk into the Light --both scheduled for September.

Know someone that needs help (including you) listen 9-10 today and on April 22nd.