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Remodelers --- Roof Calls, LED Lighting, White and Onyx

by Bill Zortman

First Tuesday in August --- the Remodelers ....

Paul Nelsen --- Paul Nelsen Construction

Jim LaDuc---Lamps and Shades Lighting Gallery

Steve Swenson-- Handy Man

-----The show is podcast ---and you can listen and learn....

Among our topics:

  • Calls from solicitors to look at your roof. They call offer a time to come by to inspect your hail damage. Paul Nelsen who does a lot of roofing and gets a lot of referrals from Insurance Companies explained this should be a red flag. Reputable is a key word---do they have a license --- why are they going thru the phone book to call you. Check with the Home Builders Association or the community or county you live in.
  • LED lighting---prices are coming down--- there are rebates available on some products with fans ---check with Lamps and Shades Lighting Gallery.
  • The Handy Man will walk you thru it. Whether it be the Granite Drop-ins, no solder sharkbite--fittings, over 40 sinks, or walk in tubs---68 year old Handy Man this month has the answers.

The Handy Man, Lamps and Shades LIghting Gallery, and Paul Nelsen Construction are the Remodelers---listen again on Tuesday-August 19th 9-10am.