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Real Estate Edits from Data Quick, Canterbury Village

by Bill Zortman

  Monday's It's YOUR Business Show included stops by Data Quick's Becky Neises and Canterbury Village's Tony Bachman.

  With the home show now just a week or so away -- both explained some of the important points on closing properties and preparing to make changes.

  Data Quick -- I.E. Pretty Darn Quick --reminded listeners that with the April 15th Tax filings just seven weeks away --- there are important tax documents that can save you money. If you need help -- call Data Quick and they'll walk you thru the procedure. If you have bought a home in the last year or so--don't forget you have a chance to keep your property taxes to the owner occupied status. You should file paperwork no later than March 15th in your county of residence.

  Canterbury Village is a part of the new trend of HOA -- Condos and Townhomes -- beginning in the $260's. In the last year the vacation like living that you get from Canterbury Village has attracted people from all over the area and a number of states.

  HOA's are at $165 a month -- but you don't worry about moving the snow or cutting the grass. A clubhouse provides group activities and the builder -- Brad and his wife Tammi give you on site confidence and quality control.

  Canterbury Village is located at Dubuque and Madison in East Sioux Falls.

  Becky Neises and Tony Bachman are part of the It's YOUR Business family.