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It's YOUR Business Celebrates 700th Show This Week

by Bill Zortman

It's YOUR Business reached another milestone in the week that produced more rain than in modern times in the Sioux Empire.

Our 700th show was the Ag Show on Monday ---- and by Friday at 11:00 we will be at 705.

It has been a tradition that we celebrate the passing of the 300th, 400th, 500th, 600th, and now the 700th show is celebrated with a cake from Pinnacle's Randy Derheim. The lemoncakeWednesday morning was made by April Austin.

Pinnacle includes Elements on 8th, Callaways, Tre, and Foley's.

The first It's YOUR Business Show was done July 9th, 2010.

The show is design to talk about Business---- and those projects --- events --- and laws that affect business.

The show started as a twice week event --- and a little over a year ago moved to 6 sometimes 8 shows a week between 9 and 11.

The show is the only official Business Show in the Sioux Empire --- and those interested in being part of the show have the opportunity to discuss with me ---- why they should be a part of the program --- and how we can help their business.

If you want to be a part of It's YOUR Business--- please email bill.zortman@mwcradio.com --call 728-BILL --- or visit with your account executive.