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It's Fair!! Fair Time 9-11 Monday

by Bill Zortman

It's YOUR Business takes you to the Fair...

9-11 Monday

9-11 Wednesday

75th Addition of the Sioux Empire Fair --- and we'll mix and match our usual guests with the smell of barbeque, cotton candy, and all the aromas of the Fair.

In Monday's show---we'll introduce you to the Milking Parlor at the Pipestone Discover Barn... plus we'll give you the in-s and out-s of this 10 day fair..

In the 9:00 hour--- our usual blue collar leaders --- Jerry Berg Intek and Mike Austad--Dakota Radon Mitigation mix-in business and their rememberances with the fair yesterday and today.

Our Ag show is in the 10:00 hour...

Cindy Christenson will talk about the big Ag Appreciation Day on Wednesday..

Duane Mellema of Billion joins us as we introduce a big truck that could be in future.

Rick Shields--our Mid-west Communication Farm Director

Rocky Boer--Plains Commerce Bank

Roger and Travis Starks -- Howalt McDowell--the IGROW.org sponsors

Cody Christenson--Bomgaars

Craig Markhartdt--Advana Mortgage

Steve Dick--Ag United introduces us to a new segment "The Farmer's Daughter"

Todd Neuberger --Edward Jones has the Main Street to Wall Street report

Rock Nelson has our International Export business--Alex Pearson--RMS Roller-Grinder Inc

Teddi Muller South Dakota Corn joins us

Plus more from the Pipestone Discovery Barns

Joins us 9-11 Monday and Wednesday from the FAIR.