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Golf Fantasy -- JOIN THE It's YOUR Biz YAHOO GOLF Guesses

by Bill Zortman

  Each Wednesday ---It's YOUR Business in the 9-10 hour assembles a variety of golf interpreters to talk the great game in our area --- and put up our best guesses in this week's PGA Golf Event.

  We would like for you to join us in our private (though very public) fantasy golf fun.

  Here is what you do ---

   1--- go to Yahoo.com

   2--- next go to sports

   3--- Fantasy is one of the options down the left side of the page -- click that

   4--- Follow with golf

   5--- Make sure you enter as a member of Yahoo

   6--- When you do --- enter into a private golf league --- GROUP ID 7235

   7--- Password is Zortman

   8--- You will be able to select two A golfers, 4 B golfers, 2 C golfers. Those on the left of the selection side are your starters --- those on the right side of the screen are your bench and can be put into play before the next day's first tee time.

   9--- We will announce the winners each week in the Wednesday show. Regardless of how many weeks you have played --- the important number will be the points for that week.

 10--- You may enter as many teams as you like --- however my purposes my team of record for this league and It's YOUR Business --- is ZortSD.

11---  Have fun --- Golf Addiction is having its own weekly contests with prizes attached. Golf Etc plans to do the same.

12---  Join us for the Golf Show each Wednesday 9-10AM between now and September 3rd