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Friday-9-Sprint Specials, Intek Pipes, Etc, Howard Group --Exercise Financial Fitness, BBB --Scheme to Avoid, SBJ-Rest of Story

by Bill Zortman

  With the shadows of St. Patrick's Day Celebrating --It's YOUR Business Open's Friday with Business Bitz you can use.

  Jodi Schwan -- SF Business Journal provides the ingredients for the Rest of the Story. The cover story introduced Monday shared Cars for Sale Founder who has built a successful dot.Com. Jodi will have the breaking news of the day as well.

  Jessie Schmidt--South Dakota BBB --- shares shameful scams set to steal your successes.

  Nick Karpan and Trevor Knettel of SPRINT make their monthly visit. They share tax time specials, Samsung tabs, and business to business bitz worth your time.

  Jerry Berg---Intek -- biggest Restoration Company in South Dakota -- talks about questions from the Home Show -- broken pipes --- fire and water concerns as we hit spring.

  Mary Howard -- Howard Group of Baird talks fitness --- financial fitness that we don't consider often enough.

  Hear my Comfort King Update this morning. Thursday I spent the afternoon in a peridonditis chair. I was so uncomfortable I couldn't spell it. With a last second reprieve my #12 tooth will stay --- but I was still facing a rough night with the numbing and preps for removal. Comfort King let me sleep well.

  Fish Friday at Valentino's.

  A little something for everyone -- from the part Irish guy wearing his best green including a Jerry Garcia tie.