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California Herd Coming to South Dakota?

by Bill Zortman

South Dakota pitched Dairy to those in California last week --- at a time that drought and many of those with herds are feeling a bit unwanted.

On It’s Your Agri Business --- Secretary of Agriculture Lucas Lentsch and Marv Post –President of the South Dakota Dairy Producers Association – outlined the effort last week in a state facing drought and herds expecting to be trimmed.

Governor Dennis Daugaard led the mission to Fresno --- and attracted attention from the California media that were intrigued to see South Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa, and North Dakota among the states courting dairy interests.

As Post explained --- the tax breaks in South Dakota, Agriculture being the state’s number one industry, and that while California is actually discouraging dairy with plans to replace herds with trees that take less water –South Dakota was well-received.

Secretary Lentsch said it was his 2nd trip to the California Expo --- and that the business to business conversation went very well. 95,000 cows in South Dakota –and the hope is to double that amount by telling the State’s Story.

Both agreed that if they don’t choose South Dakota for their herds we want them in the Midwest.

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