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BBB Scheme Letter Shared From so called "Wicked Blackmailer" Attached from Friday Business Show

by Bill Zortman

Jessie Schmidt ---BBB of South Dakota shared this "scam" that has been sent to some businesses. It is just that -- and if you have specific questions about how to handle it contact ---


Hello Steve,

I appreciate your response. Many people call me the wicked blackmailer but I am not wicked.
I am very honest and sincere in what I do. My business is to contact small businesses like yours and you pay me $1500 or I blast negative reviews of your business on the internet.

It takes me only 10 minutes and your company website and details are allover the internet, telling all ptential clients that you are a scammer. Ouch! It cost me $5 to buy a prepaid visa card online and use for a free 30 day trial to auto submit negative reviews of your site to:

    Submission to hundreds of search engines and directories
    Submission to over 100,000 Free For All (FFA) Links pages
    I will also do manual submission to all scam review websites

You may be wondering how I do this? It is easy. I just create a free blog and do the reviews on it, about 20 reviews and then blast on the search engines. Note that I use all your keywords and company name to give a high ramking on search engines.

The best thing about me is that I am very honest and will not come back to you after you have paid the $1500. I will also blast positive reviews of your business to the above search engines and directories.

What many businesses like yours don't like me is because I give only 48 hours for you to deposit the $1500 in my account.

Remember that failure to comply means the end to your business.

Contact me ASAP for banking details. No negotiation please! Don't even asked.

Thank you and I look forward for your reply within 24 hours else you best know what awaits your business.

oops! you may like to see some proof of my negative reviews. You are free to make a request.
Sincerely Marvel


  -------This was identified by the BBB Bureau as a scam -- misspellings and all. We will share these in our blogs from time to time.