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Art Show, Walk Into the Light--all part of Addiction, Recovery Show

by Bill Zortman

March into the Light---Recovery Art Show --- all about early September and addiction and recovery.

Joan Swenson Tallgrass and Elizabeth Venrick Face It Together --discuss the challenges of addiction and how recovery works.

September 5th and September 6th--events to help bring awareness to the community.

Joan Swenson explains the Recovery Art Show for Friday the 5th. Joan brings her artistic talent to the broadcast and the show. The awareness of how important this is has become an art form in our 9-10 show on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday each month.

Elizabeth Venrick is Director of Changing Hearts and Minds and at day-break on Saturday the 6th..hundreds will march from the Washington Pavilion ---east into the sun and back to the Pavilion in an experience that does bring light and understanding.

Jason Koistinen is the public defender in Sioux Falls. He supports the addiction agenda. One of his friends has come thru it. We will discuss what he sees from the legal pulpit as part of the show.

The show will be podcast after it runs Tuesday.