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Arc of Dreams--The Talk of Sioux Falls--Jim Clark, Jodi Schwan--and ME

by Bill Zortman

The Arc of Dreams for downtown Sioux Falls.

News conference was scheduled at 10AM Monday -----that following Jodi Schwan with her Argus Leader business column explain and unveiling.

Then Jodi joined Sculpture Walks Jim Clark on ourMonday show.

Hear all of the inside information --- already on our podcast that is going to give Sioux Falls Downtown a whole new thought---new prospective--- one more thing to point to with downtown Sioux Falls.

$950,000 will be raised by individuals and businesses and it will highlight the Sioux Falls Sculpture walk now in its 11th year.

Visit--www.sculpturewalksiouxfalls.com or call 978-2002.

Ryan from Bros joined us to talk about Allison Nash returning to Sioux Falls --- now based in Nashville. For Bros the music, the patio parties, and the food are unique....

Julene Edwards--Kinetico, Kinetico, Kinetico is the Official Water of It's YOUR Business. Julene outlined the hardiness of water -- the need to be soft -- and the difference of soft clothing, soft skin and hair. She'll be part of the Turner County Fair in August.

Cody Christenson--Bomgaars has joined It's YOUR Business and Ag Business. Cody explained how Bomgaars was helpful for those in Rock Valley and Canton during our recent storms. They know people in the communities in good times and bad ---and were pillars in the recent wicked weather.