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AG Show---Grain Cars, Crop Updates, Horses, Hogs

by Bill Zortman

Monday -- It's YOUR AGri Business Show...looks at the concern from Wall to Washington and then some on the box car shortages.

Secretary of Agriculture Lucas Lentsch attended the session in Washington --- and if you believe railroad Execs -- they have some making up to do to show there worth to elevators and farmers in the Dakotas.

The Secretary joins us to talk about at 10:40.

Earlier --- our guests -- Travis and Roger Starks---Howalt McDowell--Rocky Boer -- Plains Commerce Bank --- and others to be aired --- talk about the issues --- and what they hope can be done about it.

Silvia Christen ---South Dakota Stockgrowers Association updates Farm Bill sign-ups -- and the wild west.

The State Public Health Vet ..Dr. Russ Daly updates us on the clinical signs of Equine Herpesvirus ----pigs and horses --- have us all concerned. More available at IGROW.org.

Scott Varilek---Commodities -Broker--Kooima Kaemingk--starts the week with grain basis still in rough shape, cash cattle Friday traded $150 to several packers--extremely tight numbers right now. Hog PEDV cases decreasing from the highs.

Craig Markhardt--Advana Mortgage has the loan quote--Todd Neuberger the Main Street to Wall Street report from Edward Jones.