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Addiction-Recovery Turns to Golf-Art-Walk Into the Light

by Bill Zortman

Addiction and Recovery is something not just in the Tall Grass of South Dakota that we go it alone --- in essence we face it together.

Second and fourth Tuesday of each month we talked to those that have turned their lives from those of a addiction --- to helping those to recover.

With Joan Swenson---Tall Grass and Julie Schoolmeester from Face it Together ---we talk, trek, and try to show just how 1 out of 10 is facing addiction and needs some recovery.

Today...David Jansa and Paul Doherty explain Smart Recovery.

The two became trained facilitators for Smart Recovery. Paul -- yes facilitated the meet on Sunday Nights--David on Thursday nights. A third meeting was added the day of their broadcast at Carroll Institute. A fourth Smart Family and Friend meeting was just kicked off 3 weeks ago.

the meet on Wednesday nights at 6. This is an alternative support group (Al-Anon) for the family and friends of those afflicted with addictive behaviors.

The website for Smart Recovery is: http://www.smartrecovery.org .

This site explains everything about the programs that are Smart Recovery.

Here are a few of the basic Smart positions etc that you could find helpful:

  • Smart does not believe they are better than any other support group or program. They are simply interested in offering an alternative.
  • Anyone is welcome at a Smart meeting. The only rule is that you agree to follow the rules and not be disruptive.
  • Smart tools are based on cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)
  • Smart treats relapses of slips as opportunities to learn where more help is needed and does not require the participant to go back to square one. Rather to assess the progress made and reevaluate where in the change cycle to reengage.
  • Smart is not designed to be a lifelong commitment. Smart experience shows us that people learn to change destructive behaviors and move on without the need for a support group. Individuals are welcome to keep coming for as long as they wish but are not encouraged to make a lifelong commitment.
  • Smart has been around for 20 years and now has over 1300 meetings worldwide. It is growing rapidly. There are scheduled meetings available online and 24/7 chat rooms as well.

Dave is from THE Jansa family and Paul Doherty is part of our Business of Golf panel that discusses the game of golf 9-10 on Wednesday. Paul is the bag-meister at Golf ETC.

The two are working a July 14th golf tournament and will explain.

Tall Grass and Face it Together are working a tent Jazz Fest July 17-19th. It is a Gratitude Tent.

Plus art festival for September for Tall Grass --- and March Into the Light on September 6th.

All part of our discussion today Addiction-Recovery.....