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Addiction and Recovery Reruns Summer Sober Stop, Betty Ordal--1st Female Chamber Executive Talks of her Retirement

by Bill Zortman

Joan Swenson and Dennis Ford Friday on It's YOUR Business hosted two hours of our show previewing the Scholarship Creating Summer Sober.

Today (Tuesday) Joan Swenson--Tall Grass is back to talk about the event -- the importance of addiction recovery --- and what you can do to help yourself, family, employees, and others.

As we have done for more than a year--Tall Grass and Face it Together share those that have had addiction --- and are in recovery. Many are mentors --- many a part of the Sioux Falls effort to get the word out and help as many people as possible.

Today--- we'll not only do our reach out--- but look at some upcoming events that helps keep the addiction banner out for people to read and take action.

Among the events----

  • 5k and Canaries
  • July 14th Golf Tournament
  • Jazz Fest
  • March into the Light
  • Art--ala Joan and Tall Grass.

Our Addiction recovery show airs on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday --9-10.

Another plus for the show today... Betty Ordal--- one of the biggest proponents of taking care of business is retiring within the next week.

She is leaving a leaving a legacy of 48 years of service ---as the 1st Female Sioux Falls Chamber Executive.

  • 1st female Manager of the Sioux Falls Chamber
  • Long hours helping glue together Festival of Bands for 27 years
  • 48 of the 61 years with the Sioux Empire Farm Show
  • Created and managed the Women's Division of the Chamber beginning in 1971
  • That served as the stepping stone to get women more involved in the chamber and its leadership
  • 1st Female Board Member was Florence Holton
  • 1st Chamber Chairwoman of the Board was Sylvia Henkin
  • Sold the membership Mixers when they started in 1970's -- even though some said it would never mix well in Sioux Falls -- today 12 times a year there is a monthly mixer with an average of 260 attending
  • Diplomat Committee in 1982 -- today the servicing arm of the Sioux Falls Chamber..

Pat Lund--Membership Service Manager said of Betty---"I know that our community is truly a betterplace thanks to the big efforts of a this small town girl who made a difference for everyone.

Betty Ordal's pioneer work with the Chamber for 48 years --- and Tall grass and Face It's work on Addiction and Recovery make Sioux Falls a very special place.

And just it time for a survey that says Sioux Falls is the #2 place in the US for families.