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9, 10--Friday--Rest of Jodi's Story, BBB Watch It's, Comfort King, Tour de Cure, Tom Johnson Law, Commercial RE, Service Clubs

by Bill Zortman

We may be closing the first full business week of July --- but we'll give you an interesting 9:00 and then 10:00 Hour.

Mark Brown will have them podcast by the next business day.

At 9:00...

Jodi Schwan --- Sioux Falls Business Journal gives us the rest of the story. Monday it was the reimagined road for redeveloping the Weber Avenue Corridor. Artists, old stockyards--tourism all part of the dreams.

Jesse Schmidt--Better Business Bureau of South Dakota. Jesse always provides those little nuggets of stuff -- that just aren't right.

Janet Harvey---will update the very important Tour de Cure this weekend. While Harley Nights and all its fun gets headlines --- this is an event that helps diabetes. Something Sioux Falls and the rest of the country understand. I understand as well being a Level 2 diabetic.

Chris Larson -- Comfort King will be in the studio at 9:32. As you have heard me talk about for 6 months now...my wife Carolyn and I have our own comfort king. And as married as we are for 46 years (almost) -- the comfort king allows us to have our own settings in our KING and for the queen as well. Last night after pulling a couple of muscles playing Thursday night golf league --- I needed the massage feature. It worked so well that my wife couldn't believe I slept thru the mini-monsoon that occurred over night. Chris will explain why the comfort king is important to your sleep pattern.

Dr. Tim Lee Burton--Speciality Orthopedics and Adam Scott--Golf Addiction -- both part of the Business of Golf Show on Wednesday join us for Friday updates. Dr. Tim has been getting people in and out this week so they can get to the golf course, grandkids, or gardens to enjoy a great weather week. Adam ---while not doing the 3 on 3 basketball with his kids--has many options at Golf Addiction --57th and Marian...Indoor-outdoor golf with great benefits for those with Great Life.

In our 10:00 Hour---Legal voice Tom Johnson--Johnson Christenson Law talks about the smallest class of lawyers entering law school since the 70's. Plus what happens if Madonna shows up for jury duty --- and Donald Sterling---the Clippers confusing character in court --- how does the judicial system deal with it?

Ron Nelson---Nelson Property Consultantsis our Commercial Real Estate voice in our It's YOUR Business Show. Today ---restaurants --Tom Cruise --owner of Pita Pit joins us as perhaps the fastest growing local chain putting in 3 stores in about 3 years in Sioux Falls.

Ron is also the new President of the Downtown Rotary Club. He'll join in on our discussion with Angie Wahl---Lt Governor of the Optimists who is planning an August 7-9th Convention in Sioux Falls that brings in service club members from Canada, Minnesota, and North and South Dakota. A project It's YOUR Business is working on is the decline in service club membership --- and what can be done. We'll talk at 10:40--and I think you'll find the ideas are indeed possible of helping pass the torch from generation to generation. The big loss would be all of the great projects service clubs do...