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You're Going To Hate This....But It's True

by Mark Evans

In November of 2009, I went for a normal every day physical with my regular Doctor.

Turns out there was nothing normal or regular about it.  I was 42 years old, 75 pound overweight...smoking....and convinced that I was going to live forever.  My Doctor informed me otherwise.  

"Mark," he said to me with a chart in his hand.  "I assume you want to see things like your kids graduate from high school; watch them get married and start families of their own?"  Of course I did!  "If you keep going down the road you're on....you'll not make 50" he told me.  "Either you get started fixing this problem, or I'LL get started fixing it for you," he said next.  "Come back in 6 weeks and tell me what you've come up with.

Well....long story short for now; I DID start doing something about it and it was the smartest thing I ever did.  I found a Trainer (or Coach as I would wind up call him) and started learning about eating, learning about proper nutrition and most important WHEN to eat!  

Over the course of this BLOG I will share with you some of the knowledge I gained from my experiences; share tips on how to cook smarter and how to make sure you fit exercise into your everyday life.  

When I join you next time:  CALORIES IN - CALORIES OUT!!

You're going to hate me for it....but it's true what they tell you about calories!!  But, I have some tricks that will help you down the path to success!