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Total Body Workout - In Just 30 Minutes!

by Corey Carter

We did this workout last week in our "Fit for Life" class at the local YMCA I work out at.

It's pretty tough...you'll need risers with the flat bench across (used for various "step" classes) or a simple box or even stairs would work. At least 18 inches off the ground is best. The higher, the tougher the workoout.

You'll also need a barbell with a "moderate" amount of weight. Or dumbells

Do each exercise for :30...then rest 5 seconds in between. After these 4 lower-body exercises are done then do 10 reps each of the weighted exercises...rest 30 seconds and do the circuit again 5-6 total times. Total body workout!!!

1-Body weight squats

2-Squat jumps onto riser (or bench/stair) **make sure your entire foot is up on the riser when jumping, not just the front part**

3-Mountain Climbers (put hands onto bench/stair then alternate bringing knees to chest as fast as you can)

4-Pulse-squats (crouch in squat position, make sure knees don't go in front of toes and just slightly pulse between being in the 100% squat position to about the 75% squat position)

5-Curls (10)

6-Upright Rows (10) **make sure elbows stay above the wrists)

7-Shoulder Presses (10)

8-Tricept Push-Ups (on the floor) **make sure elbows stay very close to body coming up and down**