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Get healthy and fit together! Here are some family-friendly exercise activities.

by Jessie Hawkins

All winter long about the only exercise my son and I get is the occasional down hill ski day when the weather is decent, sledding or shoveling.  But most of the winter we're lazy bums.  When summer comes around it's time to get out there and get fit again...or try to.  Here are some activities we can do with our families to be together while getting healthier.

Some of these activities are fun and doable for a wide range of ages: Swimming, cross-country skiing, walking, biking, inline skating, bowling, playing catch or a baseball game, tag, rock climbing, hiking or skipping, jump rope...the list goes on!

Choose an activity that's convenient for everyone . The easier it is for everyone to exercise, the more likely they are to make the effort. Purchasing a family membership at the swimming pool down the street and purchasing one at the pool across town are two very different things. Be honest with yourself: Are you going to want to drag everyone into the van and make the journey to the across-town pool? Nuh-uh.

Choose an activity that's wallet-friendly. There are already plenty of strains on your paycheck. Why put even more pressure on your wallet when there are so many inexpensive—and free!—ways to stay fit? You should be prepared to invest some amount of money in your family's fitness, but don't assume that you have to spend a fortune to get your kids to exercise!