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Water Torture, Don't Let This Happen to You

by Terry Veldhouse

This is my own story, and it happened yesterday, so even I can remember it. The moral of this story is simple, but important: NEVER GO TO YOUR DOCTOR WITHOUT DRINKING A GLASS OF WATER FIRST. If this sounds like a bit of pretty trivial advice, read on.

This Monday the hay fever season started in South Dakota, and this Geezer is a still a victim after six decades. So it was easy to blame a sleepless night on allergies and discount the fact that the little woman and I had just spent a weekend with our grandson, who had just been to Hawaii, and who came back with a nasty little cold. By Thursday, this Geezer who seldom is sick, was, very. Enough to stay home all day.

But it was not a smart day of rehab, because in my mildly disoriented state I did not ingest the copious amounts of water recommended. In fact, I pretty much didnt drink or eat. When the little woman came home at 5:30 she asked right away if I was drinking, so I jumped up to drink, but she stopped me by saying we are going to the doctor, and off we went with no drink.

I reported a bad chest cold. She reported coughing, fever, laryngitis, runny nose, burning chest, headache, sore muscles, and mild delirium which only means she could talk and I couldnt. After a few random pokes and prods it was time to get a chest X-ray, but I was getting woozy and asked for a wheel chair, which was a serious turning point in the conversation.

In seconds I was on my back on a table with sticky patches going on, an IV in my arm, heart monitor attached, and blood pressure cuff squeezing me. What I really wanted, and begged for, was a drink of water. Instead they called an ambulance. Protestations had no effect, nor the begging. Dehydration was definitely not on the diagnostic radar. Five minutes later I announced that I would soon be passing out, but still needed water. This got through, and a bag of water was hooked up, still no drink.

Immediately I was better. It literally took 60 seconds and about 5 ccs of water to change my state and bring back my old miserable self. In spite of that, I did not avoid the ambulance ride and more tests at the hospital. I dont know what it will all cost yet, but it was definitely avoidable.

Three hours after leaving home, a nice young doctor informed this Geezer that you have a nasty virus that we cant do anything about. Be sure to get lots of rest and drink lots of water. Duh.

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