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Will the Tiger Woods-Lindsey Vonn relationship survive?

by Jack Taylor

The question on every golf fan's lips is can Tiger win his 15th major this weekend at Muirfield.

Others are wondering if Lindsey Vonn, a former world class skier, will be content to be Tiger's girlfriend.

Should Tiger win this weekend his star will shine brighter than ever before and he'll convert those holdouts who either don't like his swagger or believe he done his ex-wife wrong. (which he did)

Lindsey this week said she will never get married again.  Not sure how that will impact Wood's game because it's either a load off, or, a load on if he wants to tie the knot.  Given his past I'm inclined to believe it's a load off and he may interpret that as anything goes including someday the relationship.

Power couples come and go, mostly go.  Marilyn Monroe married Joe DiMaggio in 1954 at the height of her stardom.  Joe's career, a Hall of Fame one no doubt, was over and he would spend the rest of his life shining his legendary status.  I believe he wanted Marilyn to be on his arm as a trinket.

While filming "The Seven Year Itch," Monroe stood above the New York City grate for that notorious, iconic skirt blowing scene that sent DiMaggio over the deep end.  He was there and he didn't appreciate the men on the street ogling his trinket.  He didn't want to be Mr. Monroe and they divorced.

Not sure Vonn is ready to relinquish her world class athlete label and be Tiger's trinket.