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by Randy Shannon

This great new chart is just a click away. Developed by the School of Veterinary Medicine, University of Wisconsin, the chart is comprised of two pages.

Page 1 allows calf health team members to write down individual calf information, with separate columns for animal ID, age and scores for nasal discharge, eyes and/or ears, cough, rectal temperature, total respiratory eval and fecal consistency.

Page 2 explains the health scoring criteria-and even provides a photo and a description for each situation. Using nasal discharge as an example, a score of 0 would be given to a calf with "normal serous discharge," a 1 for "small amount of unilateral cloudy discharge," a 2 for "bilateral, cloudy or excessive mucus discharge" and a 3 assigned to "copious bilateral mucopurulent discharge." The form also covers eyes, ears, and fecal.

Each condition has a photo that illustrates the description. It's an easy-to-follow look-and-assign-a-score tool.

Check it out by clicking here .

Reprinted with permission from the Professional Dairy Producers of Wisconsin. http://www.pdpw.org.