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Agriculture is the backbone of America and especially important to those of us living here in the Midwest. Let us be your Source of news for farmers including commodity futures and information on crop production, livestock, and more. Get updates through news, blogs, videos and podcasts!

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Our staff of writers from across the Midwest will be providing you great kernels of information on everything from seed to feed, from commodity news to sustainability, livestock, crops and more.

  • Wed, apr 16 2014 - 3:55 p.m.

    Strong Demand Keeping Prices Up

    The USDA's latest report confirms what many in the trade had been saying all along. Even though production may be on the rise, demand is strong enough especially on ...

  • Mon, apr 14 2014 - 4:02 p.m.

    Not Much Progress In Those Fields

    There wasn't much to glean out of the initial weekly crop and weather update from both the National and the Wisconsin Ag Statistic Service. Aside from a slow start ...

  • Wed, apr 09 2014 - 8:53 a.m.

    SDSU Undergraduate earns plant science fellowship for soybean research

    Brookings, S.D. (KELO AM) - Investigating the role that micro-RNA 160 plays in the development of soybean nodules sounds like graduate research, but South Dakota State University undergraduate Spencer Schreier ...

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The Latest From The Podcast

Midwest Communications has a team of talented Agriculture broadcasters who all contribute to this podcast. Mike Austin is a 35 year NAFB member heard on Midwest Communication's Wisconsin stations, including Green Bay, Wausau and Sheboygan. Shawna Olson is the KFGO Fargo Ag Director and is a meteorologist with 11 years of TV broadcast experience. Rick Shields, WKZO Kalamazoo Farm Service Director and a 20+ year NAFB member, is the recipient of the Michigan Farm Bureau's Farm Broadcaster of the Year award.

  • Wed, apr 16 2014 - 3:48 p.m.

    Keeping Farm Kids Safe

    hopefully sooner than later we will be heading out to our farm fields. And when we do...we need to put a high priority on safety...for ourselves and especially ...

  • Wed, apr 16 2014 - 3:39 p.m.

    100 Pound Dairy Tour

    In today's volatile market.. its the goal of many dairy producers to reach that 100 pounds of milk plateau. Recently a group of dairy producers striving to attain that ...

  • Tue, apr 15 2014 - 10:42 a.m.

    Grain Cars, Crop Updates, Horses, Hogs - It's Your Agri Business

    It's YOUR AGri Business Show...looks at the concern from Wall to Washington and then some on the box car shortages. Secretary of Agriculture Lucas Lentsch attended the session ...

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Commodities Futures

Quotes from the Chicago Board of Trade Commodities Futures (delayed 10 minutes.)

CORN May '14 497'4497'2498'2493'0494'6-2'6494'6
CORN Jul '14 503'4503'4503'4499'0500'4-3'0500'4
CORN Sep '14 500'6498'2-2'4498'2
SOYBEANS May '14 1518'61518'01518'01505'01514'0-4'61514'0
SOYBEANS Jul '14 1508'61508'01508'01494'01502'2-6'41502'2
SOYBEANS Aug '14 1424'01420'4-3'41420'4
WHEAT May '14 688'0690'0690'0690'0691'23'2691'2
WHEAT Jul '14 695'2697'4697'4697'4699'03'6699'0
WHEAT Sep '14 704'4715'4715'4715'4708'23'6708'2
FEEDER CATTLE Apr '14 179.250178.550178.550178.525178.550-0.700178.550
FEEDER CATTLE May '14 179.900178.650178.650178.050178.050-1.850178.050
FEEDER CATTLE Aug '14 182.975181.300181.400181.250181.400-1.575181.400
LIVE CATTLE Apr '14 145.750144.850145.000143.800144.200-1.550144.200
LIVE CATTLE Jun '14 135.625135.050135.200134.100134.375-1.250134.375
LIVE CATTLE Aug '14 133.550132.950133.150132.450132.825-0.725132.825
LEAN HOGS May '14 122.875122.500123.850122.500123.5000.625123.500
LEAN HOGS Jun '14 123.775123.650125.450123.050124.8251.050124.825
LEAN HOGS Jul '14 121.650121.850123.350121.300123.0751.425123.075
BUTTER Apr '14 3483.03483.00.03483.0
BUTTER May '14 3380.03388.08.03388.0
BUTTER Jun '14 3275.03330.03350.03330.03347.072.03347.0
MILK CLASS III Apr '14 24.1224.210.0924.21
MILK CLASS IV Apr '14 23.4223.23-0.1923.23
NONFAT DRY MILK Apr '14 201.300199.000-2.300199.000
CHEESE - BARRELS SPOT CBX$Y 2.18752.25752.25750.07002.2575
CHEESE - BLOCKS SPOT CZ$Y 2.22252.23252.28002.23252.28000.05752.2800
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